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Did you know that about one third of occupational accidents involve hands?

People who carry out manual works – mechanics, carpenters, plumbers, metalsmiths, welders, floor layers, electricians, gardeners, hairdressers, beauticians, chefs, bakers, pizza makers, butchers, tailors, you name it – are more exposed to this risk.
For these people, hands are true precision tools, which are often exposed to a series of hazards, such as:

  • Mechanical hazards: e.g. cuts, impacts, abrasions, perforations, and crushing, also resulting from the use of machinery and maintenance operations;
  • Chemical hazards, which are associated with fertilisers, fuels, plant protection products, and solvents. These risks are particularly relevant, as often chemical poisoning or contamination result from the contact with the skin, which absorbs them as a sponge;
  • Thermal hazards, which are associated with burns, freezing and numbness and result from the repeated exposure to outdoor temperatures;
  • Bacterial contamination hazards, which result from the contact with some bacteria, which often are found in meat and mainly involve butchers;
  • Electric shock hazards, which result from the contact with electricity and high voltage.

Our certifications

Our accident-prevention gloves are accident prevention devices (PPE) designed to provide protection to any type of requirement and condition.

These gloves protect against all hazards, except for the thermal and chemical ones.
All our products comply with European directives (directive 89/686/EEC and subsequent amendments 93/95/EEC, 95/98/EEC and 93/68/EEC). The reference to the standard is added to the informative note on the packaging.

In particular, the performance of our gloves is certified by Ricotest, a notified body (no. 0498) for the CE certification of Personal Protection Equipment concerning:

  • resistance to mechanical risks (EN388:2003), such as abrasion, tears, perforation, and blade cut. The protection against mechanical hazards is shown with a pictogram followed by four numbers (performance indices), each one of them indicating the performance level resulting from the test carried out for a specific hazard.
  • General requirements for protective gloves (EN 420:2003) with reference to design, manufacture, harmlessness, comfort and efficiency, marking and information applicable to all protective gloves, except for gloves for electricians and surgeons. Gloves must provide the highest level of protection possible and must not create risks for the user. Each glove must carry the name of the manufacturer, name and size of the glove, the CE marking, specific pictograms followed by the relative performance indices, and the reference EN standard. The marking must be readable throughout the entire lifespan of the glove. Should the marking affect the characteristics of the glove, this information must be indicated on the packaging.
  • mechanical property and resistance to cutting (EN ISO 13997: 1999). The performance of our gloves is assessed by measuring the pressure the blade needs to cut the glove during the test. Resistance to cut can reach level 4 or 5.

Our Kevlar cut-resistant glove has obtained a protection level 5 (blade cut resistance), which makes this our flagship.

We provide you with the best mix of these elements and we guarantee:

  • utmost quality during the design and manufacturing stage,
  • excellent materials,
  • a wide range of sizes
  • the possibility to customise your gloves with a personalised marking (in compliance with standard EN420).

We also aim at meeting the requirements of a modern worker, who, for example wants to use the phone’s touchscreen while wearing the gloves.

Our seamless glove is made with a special nitrile-coating, which makes it sensitive to any touch.

You can have all this at a ridiculous price (you can save up to 70% compared to the market prices) and on prompt delivery!

We guarantee the quality of our products:

Gloves are personal protection devices, that’s why they must:

  •  provide the highest protection level
  •  comply with EEC regulations
  •  be ISO 9001-13485 certified
  •  comply with European directive 686/89

Il Re del Guanto‘s gloves have all these requirements and much more. However, we are aware of the fact that the various market dynamics are complex , which makes it hard to choose a product rather than another. 
Il Re del Guanto is still young but rather competitive and organised.

Ten good reasons why you should choose our products: 

  • Maximum attention to the quality of our products
  • Maximum attention to the quality of our services
  • Maximum attention to the market’s requirements
  • Full control of every production and distribution stage
  • Maximum attention to and systematic and scrupulous control of the relationship with our clients
  • Immediate availability of our products
  • Quick delivery – just one day – to any part of Italy.
  • Immediate and safe return of the purchased products
  • Excellent price/quality ratio
  • Reliability, competencies, and professionalism are our principles that also reflect on Il Re del Guanto‘s products.

EN 420: 2003+A1:2009

produzione guanti da lavoro Il re del guanto

Sets forth the requirements concerning the design, manufacture, harmlessness, sizes, dexterity, and markings of the gloves. Gloves must comply with the EN 420:2003+A1:2009 standard even if the marking is not necessary. Any additional technical specification is included in the informative note of the packaging.

EN 388: 2003

produzione guanti da lavoro Il re del guanto

Sets forth the protection level for at least one of the following mechanical hazards (if not at least level 1 is reached, the marking will be 0):

A. Abrasion resistance (cycles)
B. Blade cut resistance (indices)
C. Tear resistance (Newton)
D. Perforation resistance (Newton)

EN ISO 13997: 1999

produzione guanti da lavoro Il re del guanto

Sets forth the resistance to cut, measuring the pressure required for the blade to cut the glove during the test. It can be used only in the event the gloves are made with cut-resistant materials (minimum protection level 4, in compliance with EN 388:2003). It can reach level 4 or 5.

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